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We understand the importance of medical marijuana therapy and that is why we strive to help every patient seeking medical cannabis for treatment with our cannabis doctors. Cannabis has long been difficult to access but thanks to the recent waves of legalization and increasing research there are more consumption methods and ways to access cannabis.

One of the biggest existing issues is the lack of transparency that still exists between patients and medical marijuana. Just a simple online search will show you that misconceptions still exist regarding cannabis amongst the masses.

We are a leading provider of 420 evaluations Fontana. Our team of licensed cannabis doctors in Fontana will address all your queries and make sure you get the care and treatment you deserve with the help of your medical cannabis card. When you come to our 420 clinic in Fontana for your medical marijuana recommendation we ensure that we provide you with the resources you require to make the right decision regarding cannabis usage and dosage. This is especially applicable when you pick a form of consumption for yourself.

If you think cannabis therapy is a good option for alleviating your medical condition, make a call, and get your medical marijuana card in Fontana, CA right away. We help you gain access to a marijuana card, take care of your MMJ renewals as well as medical marijuana grower license.

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  • Instant PDF Recommendation via email
  • Hard Copy with Embossed Seal
  • Access to all Dispensaries in CA


  • Instant PDF Recommendation via email
  • Hard Copy with Embossed Seal
  • Access to all Dispensaries in CA
  • Grow Up to 99 plants


  • Instant PDF Recommendation via email
  • Hard Copy with Embossed Seal
  • Access to all Dispensaries in CA


  • Instant PDF Recommendation via email
  • Hard Copy with Embossed Seal
  • Access to all Dispensaries in CA
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We abide by all the Californian cannabis laws to help patients find the right treatment for themselves. We help you gain access to medical marijuana evaluations in Fontana to manage your conditions effectively with a marijuana card.

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Our team of medical marijuana doctors offers quality 420 evaluations while taking into account your comfort and security. We care for you and make sure that you get the best treatment possible.

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Our vision as 420 doctors is to offer the best possible medical care to every patient of ours with the same compassion and care. We believe cannabis can help you so we strive to bridge this gap between you and legal medical cannabis.

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At 420 Clinic Fontana, we make sure that everything is smooth and convenient for you. No undue delays whatsoever. Start your medical marijuana journey with the clinic trusted by hundreds of patients.

Qualifying For a Medical Marijuana Card Fontana

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To qualify for a medical marijuana card in Fontana, the state of California has drafted a set of conditions that an individual must be suffering from. These include Anorexia, Arthritis, AIDS, Cachexia, Cancer, Seizures, Chronic Pain, Glaucoma, Migraine, Severe Nausea, Persistent Muscle Spasms, including spasms with Multiple Sclerosis, and any other chronic medical symptom that

  • If not, alleviated may cause severe discomfort and harm to the patient’s mental and physical health
  • Limits the person’s ability to conduct significant life functions as mentioned in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

We have a team of medical marijuana doctors who will evaluate your medical health condition and if deemed fit for the program will make sure you get a marijuana card or MMJ card renewal without any hassles. Our 420 doctors are highly qualified and dedicated. They will help you in every manner possible. Apply for your MMJ card Fontana and get approved by a licensed doctor without any hassles.

When you go to a doctor, there are some things you should look for:

  • An actual physical clinic
  • A state-licensed physician
  • Customer Support

You need to take care of all this as California counties do not approve of online medical cards that come from PO Boxes. So, you must get your card from an mmj doctor who is from a reputable clinic.

Medical Marijuana Laws in Fontana

In 1996, California became the first state in the country to legalize medical cannabis. This meant that a person with a medical health condition could purchase legal medical marijuana in Fontana with an MMJ card obtained through a 420 evaluation online. Getting a cannabis ID card is not even that difficult. Fill in a small application and a licensed medical cannabis doctor contacts you.

They will carry out your 420 evaluation and if approved, you will receive the recommendation through email within minutes. After this, you may access legal medical marijuana in Fontana without any hassles. Also, it allows you to possess and grow larger quantities of cannabis for personal use than what you are allowed in the case of recreational marijuana. Even though it is legal, you cannot just grow however much you want but having a recommendation can help. If you feel that you need more than the growing limit that an MMJ card provides you then you can even apply for a medical marijuana grower license.

Cannabis rules vary on a state-to-state basis. On the federal level cannabis is still a controlled substance. Some things to take care of when you are a cannabis user in Fontana are:

  • You should be 21 or older to use or possess recreational cannabis. But, if you are a medical marijuana cardholder then the age limit is 18.
  • You are permitted to carry around 28.5g of plant material and 8g of concentrated cannabis. With an MMJ card, this limit increases by 8 times.
  • You cannot buy from or sell cannabis to minors.
  • Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal.
  • Consumption of cannabis in a public place is illegal.
  • You cannot open a bag containing cannabis in public places.
  • As cannabis is still banned on a federal level it is illegal to cross state lines with it.
  • Only state-licensed dispensaries can sell cannabis products.
  • You need to renew the mmj card every year.
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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. How to get a medical marijuana card?


To get an MMJ card you need to first get a 420 evaluation by a 420 doctor. With us, all you need to do is follow a three step process to get your medical marijuana card in Fontana. Just fill out our pre-qualification form to begin.

2. Will I need to renew my medical marijuana recommendation?


Yes. Medical marijuana card Fontana holds validity only for a year. You will need to renew your recommendation before the date of expiry. Our clinic is also offering medical marijuana renewals at just $45

3. How much can I possess or grow with a medical marijuana card Fontana?


According to SB 420, you can grow up to 6 mature or 12 immature marijuana clones with a cannabis card. However, if you have a grower’s license, you can extend your growing limits to an area of 100 sq. feet.

4. Will my information be shared with anyone?


No. Our clinic abides by all the guidelines issued by HIPAA. Your information will never be released in public or shared with anyone.

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My wife suffers from epilepsy. She got her medical marijuana recommendation from here. The doctor was amazing. He was very helpful and even suggested some products that could be beneficial for her.

Kristina CuencaKristina Cuenca
Got my cannabis rec within minutes. Their process is very smooth and the staff is professional. Surely suggest them to everyone
Roman BrownRoman Browne

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