Edibles may soon surpass smoking as the most common delivery method in the US. COVID-19 has a major role to play in this development. As the pandemic progressed, new facts came to the fore about the high risk of COVID-19 among smokers. Some doctors even claim that occasional smokers may be at risk too. As a result, people shifted from smoking to edibles to prioritize health. However, it is not as simple as munching on a brownie. Before you make this change, consult the medical marijuana doctors in Fontana or the professionals at dispensaries. Because edibles work in totally different ways than a joint. 

Every delivery method of cannabis has different sets of rules and precautions. This is what leads to people making some very common mistakes as they presume the existence of similarities or some overlapping. With the sales of edibles skyrocketing, chances of such misunderstandings are higher.

If you do not wish to fall under the category of such people, here’s a list of some common mistakes that you should avoid while consuming edibles. 

Thinking edibles will work within a few minutes

If you’ve been expecting a quick delivery of effects then sorry to disappoint you but unlike smoking, edibles don’t work instantly. As soon as you inhale the smoke, your body starts feeling the high of cannabis. That’s because the THC reaches the lungs with the smoke and in a matter of seconds, gets absorbed in the bloodstream. In the case of edibles, the process of digestion creates a significant delay in the delivery of effects. The THC has to pass through every organ of the digestive system to then be absorbed in the blood. This is why every edible takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours to show effects. So if you find yourself waiting for something to happen, don’t be disappointed. Have some patience and let your body do the work. 

The same process is also responsible for creating a more intense and longer high than other methods. As the THC passes through the liver, it gets converted into 11-hydroxy THC which is more potent. This often creates stronger effects and sometimes even leads to a hangover. So you need to be very careful with the dosing of edibles.

Giving no attention to labels

Microdosing can be difficult with edibles. While the instant effects of smoking lets you know when to stop, the same cannot be said for edibles. It is not possible to determine the potency of an edible just by looking at it. And if you consume such products, you may regret it later. 

To avoid these situations, go for edibles that are properly labeled. Just like a bag of chips, cannabis edibles also come with a printed list of ingredients and approvals. Your product should have a clear mention of the THC and CBD content, extra additives if any and most importantly, third party lab tests. It gives an idea of what’s going in your body and if it is safe or not. It also allows you to be more accurate with your dosing. Buying from licensed dispensaries is an easier way to check all the boxes. They are bound to follow all the rules and regulations for the safety of consumers. 

However, if you choose to buy from an unregistered source, you may be compromising on quality as well as safety. And now that the risk of COVID-19 is hanging over our heads, such sources pose other health risks as well. 

Eating them on an empty stomach

It is advised by every marijuana doctor to not have edibles on an empty stomach. Most people try this tactic of consuming edibles before any meal to lower the onset time. It may even work because an empty stomach will absorb the THC more quickly. But it is nothing more than incorrect advice. 

An empty stomach consumption may cause side effects like headaches, paranoia and anxiety. You may also feel stronger effects that may linger the next day along with dehydration and fogginess. Avoid this situation by having a nutritious meal before chewing on an edible. Do not go along the pressure of peers or others who prefer edibles on an empty stomach. And most certainly avoid it if you are a medical cannabis user. 

Not knowing how to deal with an overdose

Do not be surprised after hearing the word ‘overdose’. It is a very common scenario among people who consume edibles, specifically beginners. It is usually a result of a lack of patience or incorrect dosing. Knowing the commonness of overdosing, you should be acquainted with the many ways of dealing with it. Here are some of the common methods:

  • Sleep it out if it feels intolerable. 
  • Try having a cool bath to wake up your body and mind. 
  • Don’t hesitate to consult the medical marijuana doctors in Fontana if the high is unbearable.
  • Get some food into your system and also hydrate yourself properly. 
  • Keep a CBD product handy as it can reduce the intoxicating feeling of THC. 
  • Consult a physician before taking any medications for nausea or headache. 
  • Try massaging your temples to relieve headaches. 

Not storing edibles properly

Edibles have a much smaller shelf life than buds. The more perishable ingredients it has, the higher will be its chances of expiring early. Store your products under proper conditions. Airtight jars with low humidity and low temperature are the proper ways to keep edibles fresh for longer. If you have made one at your home, do not forget to label it. 

In case you are living with a lot of people, especially elders, children and pets, you must keep edibles out of their reach. It is very easy for a person who isn’t acquainted with cannabis to mistake an edible for normal food. They may not be able to handle the effects if consumed accidentally. 

Not staying in a safe place during consumption

THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis. This means it can alter your brain functions to cause certain effects. It is the psychoactive aspect of THC that makes a user high. It is often associated with loss of perception and fatigue. And not to mention again, there is a possibility of edibles giving you a stronger high than you are used to handling. It may cause hallucinations and paranoia

So just to be on the safe side, indulge in edible only in safe conditions. Prefer having someone by you. Most importantly, do not engage in any activity that requires you to stay alert and focused like driving or cooking. 

Final thoughts

Each of the delivery methods of cannabis needs to be used as per the precautions. Based on the way each method uses different body processes for the absorption of cannabis, safety measures vary with every method. So if in case you are one of the many people shifting to edibles, you should not assume anything. Follow every rule and avoid common mistakes to ensure you have the best experience.