I was reading a Forbes article and it drew my attention to the fact that the relationship between marijuana and hemp is intangible. Even cannabis doctors in Fontana cannot spot the difference without lab reports. With so many cannabis flowers in the market, it is almost impossible to pinpoint which bud belongs to the hemp family. Identically, both marijuana and hemp look similar. They are made up of the same components.

The only exception is: While marijuana contains significant amounts of THC (psychoactive), hemp-derived products consist of 0.3 percent THC. This is the reason why hemp-derived CBD is legal nationwide. However, we all know that cannabis is a gigantic grey area. Besides stigmatization, the cannabis industry struggles to find its way between illegal status on the federal level and legal in the states. As a result, every cannabis lover stands amidst a broiling conundrum. So, we took an initiative to dig a little deeper and help you come out of the thick fog. But first, let us take you through the detailed analysis of hemp law.

What Is The Hemp Law?

The hemp law or the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, was a bill proposed to legalize hemp (with less than 0.3% THC) in the US. At the onset, both marijuana and hemp were illegal on the federal level and they fell under the schedule I controlled substances category. However, after continuous rifts with the opposition leader Mitch McConnel successfully introduced the bill for complete legalization nationally. The bill was presented on the Senate floor in April and It became law with the majority of the members supporting the bill.

In addition to the success, certain aspects of the cannabis plant received recognition. For instance, removal of low-THC cannabis from the list of controlled substances. More vitally, providing farmers with legal agricultural grants. While the bill also allowed the farmers to access the national banking system, there were a series of other benefits associated with it. The benefits included production, marketing, research, and crop insurance accessibility. All in all, the bill benefited hemp farmers.

When Mitch McConnel legalized hemp on the federal level, little did he know that it would create immense confusion? Particularly, regarding the relationship between hemp and marijuana. Not only this but, this conundrum also leads cannabis towards complete legalization on the federal level. You see, when the bill became a law, any product that contained CBD derived from the hemp plant with less than 0.3 % THC became legal. This also means that you don’t need cannabis doctors in Fontana to write you a recommendation. You can simply walk up to a dispensary and get CBD oil without having to show an ID card or a medical marijuana recommendation. Unfortunately, the story does not end here. The area gets grayer with what we are about to tell you next.

The Law Seems Confused Between Hemp And Marijuana

Whenever a cop finds a person smoking hemp in the streets, they are not sure whether it is marijuana or hemp. Unfortunately, we don’t have the technology to tell the difference on spot. Which brings us to our next point. Did you know that there are thousands of unsolved cases in states like Texas, Tennessee, and Colorado? The effect of unsolved cases has led many prosecutors to abandon the cases. After all, it is difficult to prove whether an offender was smoking hemp or marijuana.

Yes, state attorneys are stepping out to solve the mess, but a few attorneys over a thousand cases? It’s a debatable question in itself. Also, with states establishing their own rules, the confusion will deepen. As a result, the unsolved cases will never receive a fair trial. And if cannabis-related cases do not get justice or the deserving outcome, what is the point of cannabis illegal status on the federal level? We suppose there is none. That said, let us see why hemp smoking is becoming the fastest trend.

Hemp Smoking Has Become A Trend

Let’s face it, people gravitate towards legal things. Nobody wants to be caught doing something wrong. So, the general instinct calls for legal action. Which in this case is hemp legalization? And so far the decision has been in favor of farmers who use hemp for industrial purposes. The medley of confusion sets in when cops have to identify hemp from other cannabis drugs. In fact, some people even suggest that if authorities had to raid the nation for hemp crops in pursuit of illegal manufacturing, all they would discover is frustration and fatigue.

Now, it turns out that not only is hemp legal federally, but people can also purchase it to use it in the way they like. The reason why hemp is is slowly becoming a nationwide trend. Tons of patients purchase hemp-derived products to cut down the high THC strains while others simply buy it for medicinal advantages. Especially those who have medical conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, or pain. This is to say that there is a wide range of cannabis products out there and customers buy them according to their requirements. So, those who consume hemp CBD in the form of smoke do it merely to get a hit from the non-intoxicating substance. And yes, that is an option and a reason behind growing popularity.

Why Is Hemp-Derived CBD Gaining Popularity?

CBD gained popularity in every industry. Whether it was fashion, cosmetics, edibles, or pharmaceuticals. While some used CBD oil to treat epileptic seizures, others simply used it to treat chronic pain. By the way, CBD is made of both hemp and marijuana. The only difference is that CBD derived from hemp is legal nationwide provided it has 0.3% THC. Interestingly, when Donald Trump signed the Farm Bill for hemp legalization, CBD became even more popular. Thousands of cannabis growers started planting hemp across America with several products cropping up in the market.

The only problem was that both hemp and marijuana look alike. Perhaps why law enforcement cannot identify which flower belongs to the hemp family and vice versa. Not only this, but this confusion causes a lot of problems for hemp smokers. And living in a legal or non-legal state does not matter. Here’s why:

  • Hemp can easily test positive for THC 
  • States with illegal status will run charges
  • Possession of hemp leads to suspicion because of stark similarities 
  • People smoking hemp in a legal state can find themselves in trouble if they consume hemp in public areas.
  • There are no separate drug tests for marijuana and hemp
  • The cops have to give a ticket to enforce public consumption of marijuana laws no matter what the offender is carrying, i.e. marijuana or hemp.

The confusion between hemp and marijuana still persists. If you go online you will see a variety of articles on how the law leaves loopholes behind. Although this confusion can cause the US Senate members to completely legalize cannabis. After all, the prosecutors are already leaving the cases unsolved.

Final Thoughts

With all the confusion, there’s one thing for sure. You have to check in with the state laws first before getting an evaluation from cannabis doctors in Fontana or some other legal state. This will help you learn what are your rights as a cannabis user. I am sure you would be happy to consume hemp-derived CBD without having to worry about a possible arrest.