In the wake of this pandemic, human health is more important than ever. The entire population is suffering from the aftermath of the deadly COVID-19 and it’s not ending anytime soon. People with heart disease are at an increased risk of contracting the virus. Plus, such cases make some of the most chronic cases of COVID-19. So, it’s important to manage them on time. 420 Doctors in Fontana say that cannabis has the potential to manage heart issues and prevent you from an attack.

As the legalization of cannabis expands to include more states in its grip, we are knowing more benefits of the herb. Cannabis is often linked with high blood pressure and earlier it was believed that it is bad for your heart but later studies showed that there is only an initial spike and the blood pressure gets back to normal after a while.

New Research Outlines Key Points

The Journal of The American College of Cardiology published a study that mentioned that over 2 million heart patients used cannabis and derived the benefits it offers. Ever since cannabis was classified as a Schedule-1 drug, multiple cannabis studies were put on hold and there was as a vibe that cannabis is not good for heart patients. Well, the new findings contradict the earlier. Let’s take the case of atrial fibrillation which is characterized by an irregular heartbeat. So, you need to decrease the chances of heart failure to decrease the danger. Well, a new piece of research shows that is not as bad for heart health as it was assumed earlier.

In fact, a 2017 study analyzed patients of heart disease between 2007 and 2018. The data comprised of 24,000 people who were regular users of cannabis and the results surprised doctors worldwide. The results clearly showed that people who were regular users of cannabis were less likely to spend time in the hospital due to heart disease. If we compare data based on mortality, length of stay and health for cannabis users and non-cannabis users, the risk of A-Fib was much lower in cannabis users.

Cannabis Can Reduce The Overall Risk of Heart Disease

Cannabis is loaded with properties that make it one of the best medications for treating multiple health conditions. Most heart issues arise due to improper blood flow or constricted blood vessels. There can be various reasons behind this like cholesterol buildup and lack of exercise that impacts the blood flow. Cannabis works as a vasodilator which expands your blood vessels and aids in proper blood flow. So, this results in unrestricted blood flow through the body and there is no lack of oxygenated blood flowing in and out of your heart.

In fact, a study published in Neuropsychopharmacology mentions that people who are regular users of cannabis are at a much lower risk of contracting any form of heart disease. This is mainly because of the vasodilatory effect of the herb that channels a smooth flow of oxygenated blood throughout the body. Another study mentioned in the Journal of Psychopharmacology shows that cannabidiol or CBD aids in better blood flow to the brain and contributes to better health.

What Is The Right Approach to Using Cannabis During The Pandemic?

It’s important to note that the pandemic has changed the way we perceive most things. Things that used to be normal earlier are no longer the same. This includes the way we use cannabis. And when we talk about heart health, we need to be a bit more careful. That’s because heart disease is one of the COVID-19 comorbidities. This means that if you are suffering from a heart problem and get infected with coronavirus, your chances of complications increase. This is also valid for conditions like diabetes, and obesity. So, we just need to ensure that we are using the herb the right way.

Considering the risk, it’s advisable not to smoke cannabis. That’s because COVID-19 is a pulmonary disease and it directly impacts the lungs. Smoking inflames the lungs and makes you more susceptible to contracting the virus. Plus, it leads to symptoms such as dry cough which is also a major symptom of COVID-19. So, if you happen to get yourself diagnosed with such symptoms, the doctors will have a hard time figuring out if you have a cough because of smoking or the virus. So, we should avoid anything that puts others on the risk. There are various other ways of ingesting cannabis. These include edibles, tinctures, sublinguals, and oils.

Edibles are a very popular choice. They deliver the necessary effects without the side-effects of smoking. So, you can expect better results with edibles during this risky time of the pandemic. Well, you still need to be a bit careful while using edibles because they hit you late. It can take anywhere between 1-2 hours for them to take effect depending on your metabolism. A lot also depends on your tolerance with cannabis. So, if you are new to using cannabis and ingest an increased amount, you will dive into the unpleasant effects. In order to avoid this, you should just follow the right approach.

420 Doctors Fontana Can Help

Cannabis doctors have the necessary experience with cannabis that makes them an expert in the field. All their efforts are guided by in-depth scientific research and analysis. So, when you are planning to use cannabis for your heart health during this pandemic, you just need to be sure of following the right approach. The doctors can screen your health and give you accurate advice about the dose you should take for your health. The doctor might have a look at your health history and ask you a few questions. You need to answer these questions honestly as it helps in better analysis. The main aim of this process is to check if you have a valid qualifying condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis.

If you are new to using cannabis, the doctor can inform you about the different strains of cannabis. Along with that, they can educate you about the different methods of dosing and how it will affect your health. With their guidance, you can take cannabis in a way that will help you bring a positive change in your health. Also, if you qualify, you are eligible to own a medical cannabis card.

The Card Comes With a Lot of Benefits

Once you have the cannabis recommendation, you are free to access cannabis legally from the state-certified dispensaries. Along with that, your possession limit increases and is much higher than recreational users. Your grow limit also increases and you can enjoy more produce at your place. It’s not just limited to that, recreational users need to be at least 21 years of age to access cannabis. For medical cannabis cardholders, the age decreases to 18 years.

So, 420 doctors Fontana can surely help you dive into a relaxing cannabis experience and give you advice that allows you to use cannabis in an effective way for your health.