The results of the elections 2020 are out. And we’ve recently got our new president-elect. But are Democrats the only winners of the elections 2020?

Well, marijuana experts say that the results of this year’s elections are going to impact the cannabis industry too, very significantly. In fact, we have already started seeing the effects of it. Now, how stern or relaxed the future will be for cannabis is something only time can tell. With that being said, though, there are certain things that we may be able to guess.

Now, that we have a clear winner of the elections 2020, here’s what cannabis doctors think the fate of marijuana looks like.

Joe Biden’s Stand on Cannabis

Does Biden support cannabis legalization?

For people who don’t remember, Joe Biden wasn’t actually a supporter of marijuana legalization in the past. This, he even pointed out, in one of his past statements, by saying that he cares for the health of his people, and thus, he isn’t going to say anything about the plant unless he sees some more research on it.

However, now, the tables have turned. Biden’s approach toward cannabis has become a lot less stern now, given his party’s stand. Democrats, for a very long time, have been supporters of cannabis legalization. And this has made the president-elect also to change his views.

Now, you must note that Biden still doesn’t support full marijuana legalization. But there’s a strong chance we are going to see the herb getting decriminalized. And in fact, the first steps for it have already been taken.

The MORE Act

It’s been only two weeks, when, on Dec 4th, 2020, the US House of Representatives made history by passing the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act for decriminalizing cannabis at the federal level. And we believe that this is a huge step toward the legalization of cannabis in the US.

Experts say that this step is a clear tell sign for a bright future of cannabis. It’s something we haven’t seen for years. And the people of the country are surely going to remember it for a very long time.

The bill will now head to the US Senate. And if it gets enough votes there, it will be a law. Cannabis will be decriminalized!

A great start, right?

But hey…

Cannabis Doctors Say There May be Hurdles Still

As we just said, the MORE act is still to pass through the Senate. And here, it is likely to lose the majority. See, even though the Democrats have won the 2020 elections, Senate is still in Republican control. And this poses a huge roadblock to cannabis legalization at the federal level. Republican leader Mitch McConnell is totally against the legalization of cannabis. Having said that, passing marijuana-related acts still remains a difficult task for the Biden government.

Now, if Democrats win the two run-off elections in Georgia, there might be a chance.

If Democrats win the Georgia run-off elections, there is a chance Chuck Schumer, the current Senate minority leader, is going to replace McConnell. And Schumer is completely in favor of cannabis legalization. He even made a statement that if Democrats win the election, cannabis legalization will surely be their priority.

What’s More?

After coming into power, the Biden government also plans on working on some other pieces of marijuana legalization. For instance, the party may introduce the Strengthening The Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States (STATES) Act. This piece of legislation will protect those who have a medical marijuana card and are using cannabis under the state rules from being prosecuted by the federal authorities.

Additionally, we may see the SAFE Banking Act becoming law. This will enable cannabis businesses to work legally. For now, no banks provide any type of assistance to marijuana businesses. And thus, most of them have to work on a cash-only basis. However, the new congress may change it for good.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis, even now, is a nice market in the US. But the victory of Democrats in the 2020 election has paved the way for the herb to become even bigger than now. We have already started seeing the change. And cannabis doctors believe that it’s going to go north only from here.