The benefits of cannabis as a medicine are certainly not a mystery to the masses anymore. There are millions of people who are using the herb today to treat several of their medical conditions. And the herb is helping them manage their problems in the best way possible. 

However, have you ever felt that marijuana is hurting your productivity?

Yes, cannabis is an amazing medicine. However, it isn’t, in any way, devoid of drawbacks. And one of the major ones is its psychoactive effects. While people are finding the herb beneficial for them in almost every aspect, this particular effect of cannabis is becoming a big problem for some by affecting their cognitive functioning.

So, what can we do about it?

Medical marijuana doctors in Fontana believe that the solution is very simple- Cannabis Microdosing.

Cannabis Microdosing is an amazing way of using the marijuana plant that won’t get you high. And still, you’ll be able to enjoy the medicinal and therapeutic effects of the herb in the best way possible. 

Let’s understand it in detail.

What is Cannabis Microdosing?

To put it simply, cannabis microdosing is a process of using a very small amount of the herb every time you consume it. The basic idea is to consume these tiny doses multiple times a day in order to keep the psychedelic effects of the plant to the minimum and still get the medicinal effects.

Technically, a microdose is nothing but the threshold dose of the herb. This means, it’s the minimum amount of cannabis a person needs to feel the psychological effects of the drug. So, in theory, when a person keeps the dosage of cannabis under this threshold, he won’t feel intoxicated. However, he’ll still enjoy the other benefits of the plant, which include mental and emotional elevation, creative inspiration, and talkativeness. Furthermore, it can also help you manage various medical conditions, including pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

In short, if done right, microdosing can be a great way to boost your productivity and help you enhance your overall life.

How Microdosing Works?

Usually, when we consume cannabis, we prefer smoking a large amount in a very short span. Maybe you like consuming it at the end of the day after you are done with all your work and responsibilities. Or maybe you prefer having a nice cannabis session at the end of the week with all your friends sitting together and enjoying. However, with microdosing, you do the complete opposite. 

When you consume cannabis using the microdosing strategy, you smoke a very little amount of it, but quite often. It’s like taking a hit every now and then, just to feel it a little, but not so much that you get high. Though some may not like it, hanging between the high and sober, it can be very beneficial for you. You will feel more productive throughout the day. And you will be more satisfied with your life.

How to Microdose Correctly?

Generally speaking, the microdosing involves consuming around 2 to 5 mg of THC, multiple times a day. If you think you have a higher tolerance, you may go for 10mg too. However, there is a lot of debate going around the right dose for microdosing for quite some time. Some say 10mg is the correct dose for novice users. While others suggest they shouldn’t use more than 2 to 3mg in the beginning. All in all, marijuana doctors in Fontana say that if you don’t have much experience with cannabis, you shouldn’t consume more than 5mg.

Furthermore, the way you consume cannabis also has a role to play in defining the success of your microdosing. For instance, you may use a joint, vapes, edibles, etc. However, you should keep in mind that every method affects your body differently. And thus, you need to be careful with how you are consuming it. We’ll try to help you with this in the coming sections. But for now, you should remember that, as a rule of thumb, you should always start with a low dosage and go with it very slowly. 

Another piece of advice for you is that you shouldn’t start experimenting with microdosing directly at work. If it goes wrong, you may mess things up. Therefore, you should try to find your sweet spot at home first. Only when you’re fully confident with it, take it somewhere else.

Different Methods of Microdosing

If you are an experienced cannabis user, you are aware that there are many different ways of consuming cannabis. And you can microdose using all of them. You just need to ensure that you are a lot less than usual. However, as per marijuana doctors in Fontana, the below mentioned are the easiest methods to microdose.


Smoking may not be the healthiest way of consuming cannabis. However, it still is one of the easiest and the most famous ones. And this makes it the first way, on our list, you can choose to microdose.

For microdosing with smoking, you just need to roll a very fat joint so that it can last for a few days. And you will take only one or two puffs at a time multiple times a day. However, if you fear your stuff may stale, try rolling a few little cones in a way that each one makes a single microdose.


One of the biggest advantages of using a vape for consuming the herb is that you can consume it in the most discreet way. And for this reason, a lot of people use it for microdosing too. Secondly, you can measure your dosage with this very easily. Furthermore, the temperature at which your stuff is heated also keeps the plant from burning, posing a lot less danger to your lungs. All these benefits make vaping one of the best ways of microdosing.


You can easily make your own cannabis edibles by adding ingredients, such as cannabutter, to any dish you like. However, while microdosing, you need to find out the right amount of butter to put into your dish. Otherwise, it may become a standard dose. 

If you want, you can make multiple candies or chocolates with a specific amount of cannabis for microdosing. Alternatively, just put a little cannabis oil over your meal as you consume it during lunch.


Due to its concentrated form and extreme accuracy, tinctures are also an amazing way of microdosing on cannabis. They usually come with a datasheet defining how much THC you’ll get with each drop. Furthermore, you have the option to choose the way you consume it. You may swallow it directly as edibles, or consume it sublingually for quicker effects.

Is Microdosing for You?

Sure, why not? You should definitely try it at least once. Microdosing is an amazing way of taking advantage of the herb without experiencing its side effects. And this can be an amazing option for those who are a little sensitive to THC. Yes, the risk of overdoing is there when you are trying to find the right dosage for you. However, if you listen to marijuana doctors in Fontana and go low and slow, you’ll be alright. 

Cannabis microdosing is definitely not for everyone. However, for some, it can be an amazing life-changing experience. So, give it a go. Who knows, maybe it brightens up your world too.