With medical studies saying cannabis is safer than prescription medications, new delivery methods have been discovered. Smoking isn’t the only way of cannabis consumption. You have a wide range of options in marijuana products available at medical dispensaries.

Cannabis for medical purposes is legal in 33 US states. Patients living in these states can apply for MMJ recs. An MMJ card is valid for 12 months, and then you need to apply for MMJ card renewal Fontana.

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What’s Smoking?

Smoking is a common method of ingestion of dry flowers. You can smoke marijuana through joints, water pipes, bongs, etc. THC present in the herb makes you high.

What’s the process? The cannabis flowers are heated to a high temperature to generate smoke, which is then inhaled. The smoke comprises cannabis compounds, which deliver medicinal effects. The kind of effects you experience depends on the level of THC and CBD, and the number of hits you take.

What’s Vaping?

Vaping is quite similar to smoking except the herb is heated to a low temperature. This helps in protecting the terpenes and other compounds, which are heat sensitive.

There’s a wide range of vaporizers available for vaping marijuana flowers or concentrates. A portable vape pen has various parts, such as mouthpiece, cartridge, atomizer, and battery.

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When you vape marijuana, cannabis compounds are delivered directly into the bloodstream, thus providing immediate medicinal effects. Major factors influencing the marijuana effects are strain type, dosage, and body chemistry.

What Are Edibles?

Edibles are food products containing cannabinoids, which are ingested. It’s important to note that edibles don’t reach the bloodstream directly, but are processed through the digestive system. This is the reason edibles take longer to kick in than smoking and vaping.

The diversity of edibles is expanding quickly, and you can infuse anything, such as butter or oil. You can easily make cannabutter at home.

Onset & Duration

The marijuana onset depends on how cannabis is processed in the body. Since smoking and vaping deliver cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream, you can feel the effects within seconds of inhalation.

When you smoke cannabis, the medicinal effects usually peak in 30 minutes and last for about 1-3 hours. The effects of vaped marijuana last for a couple of hours after inhalation. However, the potency of cannabis, cannabinoid profile, and dosage directly influence the onset and duration of smoking and vaping.

When you ingest cannabis, acids and enzymes break down it into different parts. THC is absorbed through the lining of the stomach and gets converted into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is more potent than THC. Cannabis-infused edibles usually kick in after 30-90 minutes after they are ingested. However, some edibles may take 2 hours to deliver the peak effects, depending on the levels of THC and CBD.

Edibles last longer than other cannabis consumption methods. The edible effects usually diminish after 6-8 hours. Some medical studies show that edibles and smoking have a different THC tolerance. THC in edibles delivers more intense effects.

Which is Better?

Heating cannabis can increase the risks of lung damage. Smoking involves heating marijuana at a high temperature, which generates a wide range of harmful chemicals. An epidemiologic review says that marijuana smoke produces the same cancer-causing compounds as cigarette smoke. In other words, smoking marijuana is linked to increased risks of cancer.

When you vape marijuana, cannabis is heated at a low temperature, thus it is considered safer as compared to smoking. However, it isn’t 100 percent safe. Recent research shows that vaping THC oil produces vitamin E acetate, thus causing harm to lung health.

Edibles allow you to experience the medicinal effects of cannabis without inhaling the smoke or vapors. But, it’s important to note that they have a slower onset and last longer. Talk to your doctor to seek professional help for choosing the cannabis consumption method.

Key Takeaways

Smoking, vaping, and edibles are popular methods of cannabis consumption. Each method works differently and has different pros and cons. For instance, smoking and vaping deliver cannabinoids in the bloodstream directly while edibles are processed slowly and last longer. Heating cannabis generates a wide range of carcinogens and other chemicals. As a result, edibles are safer than smoking. Work with your doctor to choose the right marijuana delivery method.

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