There are plenty of options available in the market if one wants to medicate themselves using cannabis. But there is one problem that crops up irrespective of whichever form of cannabis you end up using.  The age-old issue of smell.

The smell of cannabis is a telltale sign of you using it. Whether you have just got your cannabis card from a 420 doctor or are a veteran, I’m sure you will find the tips given below helpful to neutralize the smell of cannabis.

Start With The Classics: The Agarbatti

This one is a hippie and devout classic. The Agarbatti, nag champa, sai champa- are all close relatives of one another and are used in ashrams in Southeast Asia. What makes this scenta great addition to your household is the fact that  the smell is neither too feminine nor too masculine making it pleasing to almost everyone.

This particular form of scent neutralization has come to the states via the Hippie trail. The path is most well known to provide passage to the practitioners of yoga, meditation, and cannabis consumption. This not only helps eliminate the smell, but it also masks the scent it still lingers in the room.

For Old School Practitioners: Patchouli Oil

Created from the small pink and white flowers of the patchouli plant, this oil is an aromatic wonder house. It has a pleasant, omnipresent scent that is also believed to have aphrodisiac as well as anti-depressant qualities. So, just smoke up, dab a bit of patchouli oil, and end up with a nice high.

For The Homebody: Febreeze

This one is a household staple of America. Especially if you find yourself stuck with gassier other halves, roommates, and of course pets.

Febreeze is a solution that is not necessarily an eliminator, but it does help provide a breath of fresh air if you unknowingly or knowingly turn your house into a  hot box.

Complete Avoidance: The Bathroom With The Fan

This is one of the most extreme ways to avoid the smell of cannabis. Often touted as a sort of last resort for people who can’t smoke inside but definitely can’t go outside.

So, what you can do is relegate yourself to the bathroom. Get yourself a matchbox and be ready to take a couple of hits since that is all you can do without making the smell waft out. Apart from that, the best thing you can do is keep the fan on.

Elimination Completely: Ozium & Black Ice

Now we are moving towards more specific ways to keep your room smelling nice and fresh. There are two distinct air fresheners smells that can help you eliminate the smell of cannabis from your house,

The first is Ozium– this is a vanilla and lemon type scent that removes the cannabis scent from the air. Now again complete elimination is a little tough but with this one at least you’ll have a great base to place all your other scents on.

Black Ice is the next one on the list. This is one of the most overwhelming scents you can bring inside your house. As an exaggeration, I would also like to tell you that you can smell this one from miles out. So, cannabis odors genuinely don’t stand a chance in front of this one.

The Final Destination: Good Old Burnt Popcorn

This is not the most economical of solutions but it works wonders. Plus it is not even all that hard to burn popcorn. Plus, what better way to mask the odor of cannabis than with the help of burning food.

Now, you need to be really careful as there is a very thin line between generating the smell of burnt popcorn and almost burning your kitchen down, in which case you may just manage to attract all the unwanted attention that you have been trying to avoid.

Smoking cannabis should always be a safe, enjoyable, and relaxing endeavor. So, the best way to actually ensure that you are protected legally is with the help of a medical marijuana card. If you are using cannabis for medical purposes, make your way to a 420 doctor to get your 420 evaluation.