Whether you are consuming cannabis for medical purposes or recreational purposes, cannabis couch lock can come on anytime. If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you probably have experienced this unexpected couch lock at least once in your life. I remember when I first experienced this mysterious side effect!

I had recently got my medical marijuana card from a 420 clinic and was trying new strains to see what suits me the best. And soon I accidentally consumed too much, found myself glued to my spot for the next few hours.

Well, this side effect of consuming a bit too much cannabis is not really harmful. But it can sometimes scare new users who are smoking cannabis for the first time. In this article, you are going to learn more about this effect and what you can actually do to avoid it.

A 420 Clinic Explains What Cannabis Couch Lock is

As I mentioned before, cannabis couch lock is not a harmful or dangerous side effect. In fact, some cannabis enthusiasts enjoy experiencing this effect. You feel relaxed, as a soothing and calming effect takes over every muscle in your body. But for others, it’s not much of a very joyful ride. One thing that is clear about cannabis couch lock is that it may sneak up on you quietly, but you surely will be familiar when it happens.

You will start experiencing a warm and fuzzy feeling throughout your body. Your head will also feel extremely heavy, and you will just know that you are not leaving your spot for some time. Well, it is still not very clear about why this effect really takes place. But many reports state that the main culprits behind this can be high-THC Indica strains. However, some people may even experience this couch lock effect from uplifting Sativa strains as well.

Now, what can we actually do if we get too high and undesired couch-lock hits us? Is it possible to prevent couch-lock? And if so, how can we do that? Today, we are going to find answers to these questions in this article.

A Guide on How to Beat Couch-Lock by a 420 Clinic

Couch-lock can be great if you just want to lay down and get lost in your dreams. But if you have a few things planned, you would probably want to avoid this effect. And if that’s the case, here are a few things that you can do to beat this effect.

Take Help of a Sugary Drink, Like a Coke

If you are looking for a quick boost, nothing works better than sugar. This makes sugary soft drinks an obvious choice for you if you want to beat the cannabis couch lock. Glucose helps in spiking your insulin levels, which helps you get out of the situation you are in right now. You might wanna enjoy munching on some snacks while you are having your sugary drink. This can help speed up the process.

Consume Caffeine

Another great source of quick energy boost is caffeine. And when you find yourself locked on a couch, a cup of coffee can help you get up and move. I would suggest you taking a strong dose of caffeine to get back to life quickly and get up off your couch. You can even try sipping on mate tea, or an energy drink to combat couch lock.

420 Clinic Suggests Using CBD to Beat Cannabis Couch Lock

CBD is another major cannabinoid found in cannabis. But unlike THC, CBD does not produce any high after consumption. This is why you don’t even need a medical marijuana card to buy or consume CBD. Now, CBD can also be used to counteract the effects of THC, which means if you get too high, CBD can help you counter that high. CBD has the ability to block the CB1 receptors in your brain. This leads to minimizing the effects produced by THC, such as couch lock. So, the next time you find yourself not able to get off your spot, try using concentrated CBD