Not everyone who consumes marijuana has a lot of money to spare on it. Most of them are on a budget. And for those who have a medical condition, marijuana has to fit along with all other essentials rather than take a good chunk of their savings. With the economy bearing a hard blow of the pandemic, it has become even more important to find ways to save money with cannabis. So how do you do that? For starters, if you need to consult a medical marijuana doctor in Fontana, you can choose to do so online. It is not only convenient and safe but also cost-effective.

Secondly, bring a change in the way you normally deal with cannabis. From the way you use it to your restocking source, make every step more money friendly. Confused? Well, let me help you out. Here are some tips that you can follow to make cannabis a cheaper affair.  

Reduce your indulgence

This might be an easy guess but if you need to lower your cannabis costs, the first step is to reduce your indulgence. Not only is it better for your wallet but also for your health in the time of COVID-19. 

Most people love the feeling of getting high and the entire process of consuming cannabis. You may feel like having another round of edibles or joints but refrain from the temptation. Most people who consume cannabis for recreational purposes may relate to this scenario. It may feel nice to stay in the euphoric feeling but it is only increasing your cannabis costs. 

Sometimes even those who indulge in medical cannabis may consume more than needed. Whether to be numb to the pain or to deal with a condition, cannabis is used for various reasons. But this process makes them use cannabis even for those times that can easily be dealt with without having a dose. This dependence leads to overindulgence. 

Some even make the mistake of thinking that cannabis is safe and can be used at any time and in whatever dose they like. Well, if that’s the case you must acquaint yourself with the effects of overindulgence with cannabis.

These situations can be avoided by using cannabis according to your need and not your desire. You do not have to consume cannabis every time it is available. Stick to a particular time and dose to consume as per your need. 

Make your own edibles

If you are one who uses cannabis edibles, try making it in your own kitchen. Cooking your own edibles will save you money and also keep you busy during the quarantine. 

Cannabis infused products are more expensive than dried flowers. This is because of the simple reason that edibles require more effort to make. Gummies, cannaoil or brownies, whatever your choice of edible may be, has to go through more processes than a simple bag of buds. In addition to this, if you are looking for quality, expertise also adds to the cost. So instead of buying edibles why not buy the cheaper product and turn it into your preferred dishes?

Recipes for every type of cannabis edible is available online. From gummies and popsicles to cannabutter and beverages, you can find it all on your fingertips. All you need to do is make the effort. Making edibles is not an easy task. You may end up making some common mistakes in your first few tries. But, once you get a hang of it, you can add cannabis to all of your favorite recipes and save some extra cash.

Focus on proper storage

You will naturally save more money if you can make your stash last longer. Every marijuana product has different ways of proper storage. 

If you are using dried flowers, the first step is to avoid storing them in plastic bags. It may seem convenient but will do more harm than good. Plastic is not sturdy enough to keep the buds from crushing which may remove the trichomes from the bud. As a result, the potency of your flower will reduce. A better option is an airtight glass jar. Buy one as per the quantity of your stash and store it in a cool and dry place. Avoid storing your buds in the freezer as the fluctuations may develop mold on your stash. 

Store edibles in airtight containers. In case your edible consists of dairy or other perishable ingredients, store it in the refrigerator and label it properly. However, avoid opening the refrigerator frequently as this will cause fluctuations and reduce its shelf life. Never store concentrates or edibles under direct light. It can reduce their potency and taste. 

When you follow these methods of proper storage, you will be able to use your stock for a very long time. 

Sharing is not caring

The usual etiquette of marijuana is to share it with your peers. But letting go of this practice can be a sigh of relief for your wallet as well as your health.

You sharing your stash means you’ll need to buy more for yourself. And that isn’t going to do much for saving money. There are also some individuals who never have anything to offer and rely on the etiquette of sharing. If you have a budget crunch, this habit has to go. 

COVID-19 may have made your job easier. Sharing can be a call for trouble at this time. Every medical marijuana doctor in Fontana also advises against sharing joints or edibles to avoid contracting or transmitting the virus. So give up your generosity for the sake of savings and health. 

Grow your own marijuana

Having your own marijuana plant is the best way to save money. In fact, it is the most sustainable way out of all the other ones mentioned earlier. You may need initial investment but the future will involve no expense on cannabis. 

Growing your own cannabis plant is easy. You just need to care for its essential requirements and it will return your favors with a healthy harvest. You will have an unlimited supply of marijuana that can be consumed in whichever way you want. You can experiment with different strains and control the growing conditions as per your preference. So your trips to the dispensary reduce and so does your contact with other people. Most importantly, you save big by having your own cannabis plant.

So which way do you think will apply to you best? Make your choice and incorporate the money saving tip in your lifestyle and see if it works for you or not.