If you have just received your cannabis card, you must take the time to learn how to be safe with cannabis. From choosing a delivery method to learning how to micro dose, you must go through each point. And of the many important points of safety, the one that takes the top spot is cannabis purchase.

With so many cannabis sellers at every corner, did you ever wonder why you are advised to buy only from state-licensed dispensaries or online stores? I’m sure your cannabis doctor may have warned you against buying cannabis from illegal sellers in the city. Why is that? They are both selling the same products so why would you warn against one and prefer the other? That’s because the products in dispensaries are properly labeled to give a transparent look into what you are spending your money on and if it is healthy for you or not. So, you must make use of what you are getting and read these labels to understand the small details of the product.

But, if you still don’t take the time to read the labels, allow me to give you a few reasons why you should start doing that.

Labels Ensure Safety

The primary reason for incorporating labels in the packaging is safety. Labels are like the synopsis of a book. They give you all the necessary details to help you understand the experience you’ll get from a product. It includes all the details, from cannabis type and THC content to lab test reports, everything is mentioned in detail.

But, these labels are usually present in products of a state-licensed dispensary. These dispensaries follow the packaging and labeling laws of the state and have to abide by them at all costs. In addition to this, they maintain a quality standard as per the marijuana laws of the state. This is why their products are deemed to be safer than those from the unregistered sellers.

Gives the Basic Details of the Product

Just like your standard bag of potato chips, labels on cannabis products offer the basic details about the package. Whether it is a flower, edible or tincture, the labels will have proper batch numbers to help recall a product in case of a problem. You will find the manufacturing as well as the expiry dates to get a hang of how long the product stays usable.

In the case of edibles, there may also be nutritional facts and any additional contents or allergens that the consumer must be aware of.

You Get an Idea About The Chemical Profile

There are thousands of different cannabis strains in the market today. And not every single type may help you achieve the therapeutic effects you are looking for. So, once you have an idea about the strain that suits you best, you can easily look for the type in a dispensary with the help of labels. It clearly mentions whether your product is an Indica, Sativa or a Hybrid.

In addition to naming the strain types, the labels are tested to give a detailed account of the chemical profile. Whether it is THC, CBD, THCV, CBC, CBG or any other cannabinoid or terpene, the labels will tell you about the chemical present as well as the ratio of the chemicals in the product.

The Tests Help You Identify Harmful Substances

Every cannabis product in a state-certified dispensary goes through the lab tests called the Certificate of Analysis (COA). It has a number of stages including the cannabis chemical profiles. But, the reason why the COA is important is because it tests for any harmful chemicals in the product specifically residual solvents and pesticides.

These harmful chemicals can do more harm than good to the body so having a COA on the labels is a sign of a safe product.

Helps You Figure Out the Serving Size

Micro dosing when using medical cannabis is very important. It is the only way that you will be able to enjoy the therapeutic benefits. But dosing can be very different according to the cannabis potency and strain type. But, you don’t have to do the math.

State-dispensaries have products that mention the recommended serving size of each product. It will help you figure out the right way to micro dose and get better easily.

Now you know how important it is to read the labels. It is your one step to being safe and having a smooth session every time. So, next time you buy cannabis products from a dispensary, don’t forget to read the labels.