Everyone wants to have the best cannabis smoking experience. And to have the perfect smoking session, you need to prepare everything for it: from getting the right strain to smoking it. Getting the right strain is very important, especially when you are using cannabis for managing your medical condition. A medical cannabis card in Fontana allows you to buy cannabis strain with higher potency for your condition. But your preparation for a perfect smoking session does not end at finding the right strain for yourself.

Having a grinder can help you prepare for a great smoking session. It makes things a lot easier for cannabis smokers. It saves a lot of time and work. But, what if you have prepared everything to have a calm and relaxing smoking session, and suddenly you realize that you can not find your grinder anywhere? Well, don’t worry, and do not let this thing ruin your mood. There are various ways to break apart your cannabis without using a grinder. Today, we are going to learn about the best tricks to grind cannabis if you do not have a grinder. Here is a list of these amazing old school tricks. So, let’s get into it.

Trick 1. Breaking Apart Your Buds Using Your Fingers

Before grinders were popular, people used their fingers to break up their cannabis. Trust me, it works wonders. Even now, many cannabis enthusiasts prefer breaking up cannabis with their hands, rather than using a grinder. It is time to go back to the basics.

You just have to make the shape of a bowl with one hand. Then simply start picking away at your cannabis with the other hand to break it apart. That’s it, it is that simple! Also, it feels really good to break down your cannabis with your fingers. It gives you some sort of rewarding experience. But it does have a downside to it: your hands will get dirty during this process.

Cannabis is sticky, and when you break it down with your fingers, things can get a bit tedious. The resin will start building up around your hand as you break down those buds. But, you can use this resin to your advantage as well. Just grab a credit card or keys and scrape it off your hands. Then smoke this resin in a joint or bong to get an extra kick! Collecting resin build-up with this process is one of the oldest and most traditional ways to make hash.

You will love the experience of breaking down your cannabis with your fingers. This gives you an opportunity to get closer and personal with your buds. You can feel the texture of your buds and get personal with the unique aroma of your buds.

Trick 2. Make Use of Scissors And a Shot Glass

If you are not a big fan of getting your hands dirty to break apart your buds, this trick is for you. Just find some sharp scissors and a shot glass to begin with this trick. Once you get them, pop your cannabis in the glass. Then use your scissors to start chopping away your buds. This is a simple trick and can help you a little in showing off in front of your friends.

This trick is also a little tedious, but you are surely going to get really nice, evenly cut cannabis. A shot glass has high walls that keep any cannabis from falling out while you are chopping. Also, it has a small diameter that helps in confining cannabis. This makes it easier for you to cut through.

Trick 3. Grind Your Cannabis in a Coffee Grinder

Do you have large quantities of cannabis with you to grind? Well, this trick will help you. You do not necessarily need a cannabis grinder to grind your cannabis. You can do this work with the help of a coffee grinder too. Just put your buds inside the coffee grinder and grind them, just as you would coffee beans. Just make sure that you clean the grinder before and after you use it.