Now that the world has accepted the health benefits of medical marijuana. It is slowly but steadily rising from the stigma of being just a drug for ‘high’. Though medical marijuana laws are still under process in California, people who really need it can now experience the ease of access by contacting their nearest Fontana marijuana doctor clinic for consultation.

But, while marijuana has its list of ever-increasing benefits, it does come with its share of side-effects. Especially, ones related to smoking. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people hesitate to use medical marijuana. So, whether you want to steer clear from the harmful effects of smoking or simply don’t know how to smoke. I’m here to tell you 6 ways of consuming marijuana without having to deal with its harmful smoke.


Cannabis has taken over the world. So if you fear that you’ll get addicted to smoking marijuana. Why not apply it to your skin? You read that right. Nowadays, it is very easy to find skincare products infused with CBD. From moisturizers to deodorants, you can find it in every product. Some even use THC bath soaks for muscle soreness. And the best part of using these products? First, they have little to no THC. Second, even if they have some THC content, you won’t have that high feeling because it will stay on your epidermis only.


Marijuana sprays are popular among beginners and especially asthmatic patients who cannot take in smoke. They are used by spraying under the tongue or on the cheek. Sprays come in different strengths and ratios of THC and CBD. You can also find them in different flavors and base (oil or alcohol).


When it comes to marijuana-infused edibles, most people cannot think beyond brownies and cookies. Since you are using marijuana as a medicine, it is important to know how to use it in your everyday recipes. One of the most common recipes is cannabutter. Just prepare some at your home and have it on your morning toast or pancake. But be careful of your dose as edibles take longer to show effect.


Tinctures are basically cannabis extracts with a high dose of alcohol which is used as a solvent. This way of consuming marijuana is preferred by non-smokers as they are efficient and easy to dose. You use it by simply placing it under your tongue. Its effects are quicker but last for a shorter time than other edibles.

Transdermal Patches

For people who neither want to ingest or inhale marijuana. Transdermal patches can be very helpful.  These convenient patches can be placed on any veinous part of your body. And they will keep working by adding the cannabinoids directly into your bloodstream. Transdermal patches are available in different ratios and varieties of cannabinoids. So you can find one that works best for you.


Marijuana can be a part of your morning smoothie or evening glass of fresh juice. Just add fresh marijuana buds and leaves along with other ingredients into your blender and enjoy. Since no combustion is involved, you will not experience any high aftereffects. Just make sure to use fresh and clean marijuana. Ones that are not treated by any contaminants like pesticides.


Before getting started on your marijuana journey, get to your nearest Fontana marijuana doctor clinic and get evaluated. They will let you know more about the correct strains and dosages for your condition. Then you can choose your preference from these alternatives to smoking marijuana. All of them are easily available at local dispensaries. So even if you don’t smoke, you can garner the benefits of Marijuana.