A topic often ignored and left untouched – why do some people faint after consuming cannabis? The cannabis community has long advocated the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. The reason why 3.7 million Americans consume medical marijuana with the help of 420 evaluation in their respective states. For instance, 420 evaluations Fontana or 420 evaluations in New York. However, there are side effects of cannabis. Just like you feel sleepy or dizzy after consuming a heavy dose of medicines, cannabis also comes with certain side effects. And if you are wondering can fainting be one of them? You are right. Fainting is one of the side effects of consuming cannabis. It often comes unexpectedly but some people do feel dizzy after consuming marijuana.

One second you’re with your friends, having a conversation, and laughing your gut out. The next moment you take a hit from cannabis and continue enjoying the conversation. But, to your dismay, you start feeling out of the place. Suddenly you start feeling nauseated, you cannot catch a breath, and everything around you starts going black. Before you can say something you drop on the ground. And when you wake up, your friends tell you that you fainted because of one hit of marijuana. More vitally, you wonder, is it really possible to faint from cannabis? Well, if you have experienced the above-mentioned scenario, I am sure you know the answer. But to help you understand the mystery behind marijuana and fainting, here’s a post that covers various facets of the relationship between marijuana and fainting.

Can I Faint After Smoking Cannabis?

Yes, you can, and there is a valid explanation for the same. Unfortunately, marijuana is not the same for everyone. By that, I mean that every individual has a different biochemistry. When cannabis interacts with the human body it reacts according to the individual chemical action. Also, why a particular cannabis dose works for you and it does not work for someone else. That said, let us help you figure out the connection between dizziness and cannabis.

What Does Research Say?

According to a study conducted in 1992, people can feel dizzy after smoking cannabis. It can range anywhere from moderate to severe but only a handful of people feel this way. For instance, in this study, 60% of the participants experienced dizziness after consuming cannabis. And the study had only 10 participants, which makes the study small. But the study was conducted in a very effective manner. The researchers ensured that the ten subjects were off cannabis for at least three months before the trials began. And to ensure the same, the subjects had to get their blood pressure, cerebral blood, and heart measured in both standing and reclining positions. Soon after the tests, the subjects smoked cannabis in the form of a joint and placebo. The results were such that six participants reported feeling moderate to severe dizzy.

Participants with low cerebral blood flow reported moderate dizziness whereas subjects with severe dizziness also experienced a drop in blood pressure. Interestingly, subjects who consumed a placebo joint did not report the feeling of dizziness even after repeated smoking sessions. All in all, the study concluded that blood pressure and cerebral blood flow contribute towards how dizzy a person will feel. Unfortunately, marijuana affects both these things and the reason why some people feel dizzy after smoking cannabis. This is to say that anything that affects the cerebral blood flow or the blood pressure will make you dizzy, nauseated, and sometimes even lead to fainting. So, you have to be careful with what you put inside your body. Especially when you know that it doesn’t agree with how your body functions.

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The Role Of Consumption Method In Fainting Cases

Now that you are aware of the fact that cannabis has some side effects. Here’s what you need to learn more. We all know that cannabis has various forms and people consume it differently. Some take it for medicinal reasons while others for recreational purposes. Medical marijuana patients with a state marijuana recommendation from 420 evaluations in Fontana or the state you reside in, take a non-psychoactive form of cannabis to alleviate the symptoms of certain medical conditions. On the other THC, the psychoactive form of cannabis used by most recreational users can cause you to faint. How? Well, a person may consume THC in the form of vape, smoke, joint, or inside a bong. That particular may be okay with vaping and smoking the joint but as soon as he or she takes a pull from a bong, everything blacks out.

This is to say that some forms of consumption take a few seconds to produce the desired effect. However, a direct hit from a bong can cause the person to feel dizzy or nauseated. And if you stand after taking one pull, the world around you may start revolving. So, make sure that you sit firmly on the hair, bed, or ground while smoking cannabis. After all, it is not pretty to see a head-bump after hitting your head on the ground.

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How To Overcome Dizziness?

Ideally, dizziness leads to fainting. However, if you can nip the bud on time, you can save yourself from a lot of trouble. In other words, as soon as you start feeling dizzy and nauseated, do not panic. Try to calm yourself down and find a place to lay down in peace. You see cannabis causes the blood pressure to excavate. As a result, your brain does not receive enough blood supply. And in no time you start feeling dizzy or actually pass out when blood flow is restricted to a minimum. Yes, there are several explanations as to why that happens but the underlying reasons are still under-researched and complex to understand.

Also why some people suggest that dizziness can be dealt with, if the concerned individual relaxes, sits down for a while, and waits until THC passes out of the body. Once THC is out of the body, everything comes back to normal. You can relax and chill for a moment. On the other hand, if you start panicking, you will experience shortness of breath, break out in a sweat, and faint. So, make sure that you calm your body and mind while you are experiencing all this. And always remember that you will not die. This is just a bad phase that passes soon after THC is out of your system.

Final Thoughts

There are very few people who feel nauseated or dizzy after smoking cannabis. But the whole point is that so far we have not received any reports regarding death caused by marijuana. And it’s impossible to overdose on cannabis because you would have to take a lot of cannabis for that to happen. Although, consuming the right amount of cannabis can help you experience the best effects. So, make sure that you always take a controlled amount and the beginners should always start small. The bottom line is that a controlled dose and when you feel dizzy sit down for a moment and do not panic.